Introduction to Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.

Introduction to Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a framework which includes mainly Citizens , Corporate, Houses and Govt Agencies. All these fields are using applications as well as equipments driven by chip based systems.

And please keep in mind that any thing that is having chip based technology can be hacked.

The goal of the Cyber Security is to give security to all these fields with respect to global standards.

Who is a Hacker?

Hackers are intelligent individuals who spends enormous amounts of time exploring computing resources like networks, websites, mobile devices etc.

What is Hacking ?

Its a process of exploring the technology and look for loopholes and exploiting them.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking involves the use of hacking tools, tricks, and techniques to identify vulnerabilities so as to assume system security. It focuses on simulating techniques used by attackers to verify the existence of exploitable vulnerabilities in the systems security.

Types of Hacker’s

Black Hat

These are very intelligent technical people who uses there knowledge to do illegal things & Cyber Crimes. And all the cyber criminals are not black hat.

Black hat are those who are having minimum 10 years or more experience in the Computer field. And they know pin pointed detail about every current technologies around. And there is no word “i can’t” in their dictionary.

White Hat

These are the good people who work for the govt and corporate companies to protect their organizations  from cyber threats. They find the loop hole of the technology and they report to the higher authorities about the problem and help in solving or patching the loopholes or bugs.

Grey Hat

Grey hats are the people similar to coin ,having both sides. These guys works as White hat and also as black hat.

Eg: They work for government in the morning and after going home at night they work against the government.

Script Kiddies

These guys use automated tools downloaded from Internet which will try to hack. They don’t know what process is going on at the back end. Actually these are not at all hackers.

Why Ethical Hacking is Necessary?

To Beat the Hacker, you need to think like one.

Ethical hacking is necessary because it allows the countering of attacks from malicious hacker by anticipating methods they can use to break into a system.

  • To prevent hackers from gaining access to information breaches.
  • To fight against terrorism and national security breaches.
  • To build a system that avoids hackers from penetrating.
  • To test if organization’s security settings are in fact secure.
The Scope of Ethical hacking is not that much good in India but in foreign countries it is very good . But in future scope of ethical hacking is going to increase at a very large extent in India. There will be lot many jobs for ethical hackers in future, so  start studying about security and hacking stuff . It will definitely going to help you in future.




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